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Care and storage

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Properly store and care for jewelry -

Even the highest quality gold plating will not last forever if mishandled. Jewelry is an object of daily use. Small traces of wear make it an individual piece. But in order to enjoy your jewelry for as long as possible, it is important to follow a few rules .

  • Always take off your jewelry before you start exercising.
  • Avoid direct contact with body lotion, hairspray or perfume. Cosmetic products can cause color changes, especially if they contain alcohol.
  • Salt water and chlorine are harmful to jewelry. They attack the surface and abrade it.
  • Store your jewelry in a dry and dark place. Bathrooms are extremely unsuitable due to the high humidity!
  • Always use the enclosed jewelry box or a jewelry bag for storage.
  • Always pack your jewelry separately to prevent contact with other accessories - this causes scratches in the surface, i.e. the shine suffers.
  • Absolute No-Go: Coin pocket in the wallet!
  • Do not use any chemical cleaning agents to clean your jewelry. The enclosed polishing cloth is perfectly adequate for everyday cleaning.

If you follow the instructions when using your jewelry, you will surely enjoy your jewelry for a very long time. The "durability" of the gold plating may in some cases also depend on the condition of your skin and your Ph-value . Because of this, gold plating will become lighter in color over time.